Currently on the way to the top, Jaka Bostjancic (@nghtbldofficial on Instagram) shares 3 tips for young music producers trying to make it in the music industry.

Who is Jaka Bostjancic exactly?

For those of you who have yet to meet Jaka, let us tell you just one thing; he is the one to watch in 2019, he’s making waves and is definitely on our top producers to follow in 2019 list.

Originally from Slovenia, Jaka Bostjancic custom-tailored his brand especially for American audience, since he thinks that’s where the majority of artists worth working with come from (along with UK and other tier 1 countries). “I never even bothered trying to make it in Slovenia. That’s where I was born and raised, but as much as I appreciate everything it has to offer, I don’t really see myself making a living off music here. The market is just too small and there’s no way I could sell as many beats here as I do in other beat-hungry countires.”

Image taken by Jaka Bostjancic himself.

He has sold his beats to more than a hundred different artists already and is planning to work with some major ones in the near future. He is slowly paving his way to the stars and making “silent moves”.

“You know how all producers brag with their “moves” and tell everybody what they’re currently up to. I used to do the same thing years ago but figured out it just brings my motivation down. When I tell people about my plans, I just lose motivation for some unknown reason, so I rather keep everything low-key. I make silent moves instead and when something great happens, nobody ever expected it. This makes it even more fun and suprises people in a really good way. They can say they saw it coming, but they didn’t, haha!”

Now just as promised, here are the 3 things Jaka Bostjancic wants young producers to know.


1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

“If I followed this advice when I started out, life would be so much easier. It’s very tempting to compare yourself to other people, especially when you’re looking at photos on Instagram. And it always happens that you notice what other people have that you don’t. So it brings you down, in rare cases motivates you. But talking long-term effects, it will f*ck you up. You have no idea what other people went through, how they got to where they are and you have no business comparing yourself to them. You be you, they be they. It’s that simple. I repeat – others can compare with you, you can’t compare with others. Every single human is unique and nobody matters more.”

2. Compare yourself to others.

“Now this might sound like a typo or something, but hear me out. You won’t be able to avoid comparing yourself to others forever, so the times you will, make sure you do it the right way. Compare your beats to other producer’s beats. Find out how they structure theirs, what kind of sounds do they use, etc. But just know one thing – if you’re comparing yourself to producers who are already “killing it”, know that they didn’t get there over night. They put in the work, had countless of sleepless nights and they simply trusted the process. So compare your beats to other people’s beats, but take it with a grain of salt. You too will get there eventually. Let that be motivation, not de-motivation.”

3. Trust the process.

“There will be times where nothing will seem like it’s going the right way, times when you will want to give up – giving up will be so much easier than continuing your music journey. Make sure you stay strong, shut down those toxic voices in your head and keep going. Times will get better and you will see how everything bad that happened to you, really needed to happen to get you on the next level. That’s just how things work. You can’t expect to have only good days in your life.”