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Which Are The Best Acoustc Guitars This Year?

One instrument that we here, at LoveStreamRadio, all love is a guitar. But of course, just like with any other instrument out there, there are hundreds of different guitars to pick from, and they don’t sound the same at all (and don’t look the same too).

So, how do you know which guitar is worth purchasing in 2018, and which should be avoided? We hope that this guide will give you a better understanding of what to look for in a guitar. However, if you still need help, we recommend you take a look at some other buying guides, where musicians review best acoustic guitars.

Acoustic or Electric

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you want to play an acoustic or electric guitar. You probably know the answer, as it really is obvious which one you like.

Acoustic guitar is very versatile, you can play most genres on it and it is also more portable than the electric guitar (because you don’t need an amp).

Electric guitar on the other hand, is mostly used in “harder genres” such as rock, metal, etc. Still, it can also be used for other genres, you can actually change the tone of your guitar (acoustic, electric, distorted, etc).

Price Range

Another thing to consider is the price of your new guitar. Sure, you want the best possible model, but considering you’re just starting out, maybe it’s not the best choice to spend a lot on it. But just like with everything else, the more you pay, the better quality you will get. We just don’t think it’s worth spending over 500 dollars on your first guitar.


Which Model To Buy

Well this could be a really long section but we’ll just keep it simple – go with trusted guitar brands and you will never regret it.

My Kind of Crazy – Pop Sensation

Sam Stevens, who is a romantic pop-writer and singer, recently put out his latest single by the name of My kind of crazy. It is a sensation indeed, a real hit.


Inspiration for the song

He stated that the inspiration for this love song came directly from his life, through experience. “Everyone has their own individual eclectic personality. Finding someone who you click with, someone who is “My Kind of Crazy” is in valuable.” he says.

The song itself starts on a very tender note, then expands more and more, into powerful, and a very very rich hook.

It is a very addicting track and you won’t mind playing it over and over again. Definitely the right choice for your playlist, if you are a romantic type of listener.


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