Love_Couple_Silhouettes_PNG_Picture[1]Here is your brand new radiostation that brings you music and… love! Tune in to the smooth sound of Lovestream Radio where you hear the best ballads, love songs and international “chansons”. All over the web you can find us and we even have a shiny Android app to go with you on your journey.  Sit back and relax, Lovestream Radio is here to stay, with you. Because love is in the air!


Tune in and listen

lovestreamradio 250pxYou are heart broken?
Or are you madly in love?
Somewhere in between?
You’ve come to the right place.
Lovestream Radio plays the best lovesongs that you can enjoy.
Tune in via website or app and share the love(stream radio).


Country BalladsThere are ballads and there are country ballads. These cowboy lovesongs have their own program on Lovestream Radio.

Every Sunday you can tune in to country ballads between five and six in the afternoon (Amsterdam time CET).

This program is produced by Matthew.

We hope you enjoy them. Yihaaa!